Venomizing Legendary Pokemon

Hi Guys, It’s time for another Venomizing Pokemon video. This week I venomized Darkrai, Lugia, Arceus, and Greninja and created a couple of backgrounds that I thought the Pokemon could be found in. I really Enjoyed venomizing these Pokemon and bringing them to life. I will definitely be venomzing more pokemon as well as more characters.

Venomizing Pokemon

After having so much fun on my video Venomizing Mystique illustration I decided it would be fun to venomize some pokemon. I really enjoyed thinking about what features to alter in order to change up the character a bit. I also had fun working out the colors to use to make the venomized versions look cool as the pokemon are changing.

Drawing My Hero Academia

I’m a fan of My Hero Academia. It is an amazing anime and I couldn’t help do an illustration of Almight and Deku. I created this illustration in Procreate and you can see the process on the YouTube video below.

Goku Oozaru Illustration

I wanted to do a quick Goku Oozaru Illustration from the Dragonball series. I have always been a fan of the series and I decided it would be fun to draw kid Goku with his Oozaru form under a full moon. I am pleased with how this Illustration came out and I hope you all enjoy watching the video.

Android 21 Illustration

I decided to redo my digital Inktober illustration of Android 21 using the techniques I have been learning over the last few months. I am really pleased with how this illustration came out.I am not only pleased with how much the digital art has improved, I am also pleased with how well the composition, contrast and background have helped to make the image pop and come more to life.

Solo Levelling

Digital Inktober Day 10 – Solo Levelling. This is a piece I did of the main character from a manga series I read called Solo Levelling. I love the series and decided to try and do the main character in my style. I ended up experimenting with the brushes in Procreate and I am really pleased with how this Digital Illustration came out.

Android 21

For Day 8 on my Digital Inktober list the character was Android 21. I am a big Dragonball fan. I created this illustration using an iPad Pro and the procreate app. 


Princess Mononoke

Digital Inktober Day 5 sees Princess Mononoke. I haven’t drawn this character before but I did enjoy trying out a bit of colour on this piece and working on the design of the character.

Android 18

Day 2 for Inktober is Android 18 from Dragonball z. Trying out a new style digitally with this one. 

Red Robin

This is a digital illustration I did to test out the features on procreate on the iPad Pro using an Apple pencil. I used this piece to experiment with blending colours and light and shadow. Below are some of the shadow testing images.