Goku Oozaru Illustration

I wanted to do a quick Goku Oozaru Illustration from the Dragonball series. I have always been a fan of the series and I decided it would be fun to draw kid Goku with his Oozaru form under a full moon. I am pleased with how this Illustration came out and I hope you all enjoy watching the video.

D&D Illustration – Ghosts of Saltmarsh Battle

I had my first D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) experience the other day and wanted to capture the moment we explored a well and the small goblin in the group triggered a fight with 2 Giant snakes. So here is my illustration to show this event. I hope you like it, please feel free to like and subscribe. This isn’t my normal style of illustration but I really enjoyed working on this piece.

Sonic / Rick and Morty Illustration

After watching the new Sonic Movie I couldn’t resist creating an Illustration of the Blue speedster, however I thought it would be a fun twist to have Rick and Morty hi-jacking the Ring Portal Sonic was using. Created using Procreate on the iPad. Hope you enjoy this time-lapse and remember to like and subscribe.

Wood Elf Illustration

Decided to do something a little different than my normal selection of pictures so here is my Wood Elf Illustration for my D & D character. I really enjoyed working on this piece and bring together a wide range if elements from lighting to textures and working on the composition of this illustration. 

Princess Allura – Voltron Illustration

This is an illustration of Princess Allura from the Voltron Legendary Defender series on Netflix. I decide to see how she would look with a bit more realism in the illustration, and decided to set her against a galaxy style background with a silhouette of the blue lion that she ends up piloting.

Android 21 Illustration

I decided to redo my digital Inktober illustration of Android 21 using the techniques I have been learning over the last few months. I am really pleased with how this illustration came out.I am not only pleased with how much the digital art has improved, I am also pleased with how well the composition, contrast and background have helped to make the image pop and come more to life.

Juri Han – Street Fighter – Illustration

In a continuing effort to improve my digital painting skills I decided to do a digital illustration of Juri Han from street fighter, I really enjoyed doing this Illustration and focusing on the lighting and composition of the character as well as the effects add to give the finishing touches on this piece. Created Using Procreate on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.

Digital Portrait – Violet

Digital Portrait using Procreate. I decided to create a character and focus on the hair and a few digital painting techniques. I am happy with how this digital illustration came out if you like this video and want to see more videos like this please like this video and subscribe to my channel. I will be producing digital illustrations on a weekly basis.

Also please feel free to share my videos and my channel if you like what you see.

Digital Portrait – Redhead

A digital portrait using procreate on the iPad. This illustration was create to push my digital painting skills. I hope you like it and please share and subscribe to my channel if you like the videos.

Jean Grey

Digital Illustration of Jean Grey I created using Procreate on the iPad. I wanted to experiment more with the pose and think this piece came out really well.