Venomizing X-Men

I decided it would be fun to venomized some of the X-men. So I venomized Cyclops, Wolverine, and NightCrawler. I really enjoyed working on these Illustrations and I am absolutely over the moon with how Wolverine came out. I hope you enjoy the process of venomizing Marvels X-Men.

Venomizing Legendary Pokemon

Hi Guys, It’s time for another Venomizing Pokemon video. This week I venomized Darkrai, Lugia, Arceus, and Greninja and created a couple of backgrounds that I thought the Pokemon could be found in. I really Enjoyed venomizing these Pokemon and bringing them to life. I will definitely be venomzing more pokemon as well as more characters.

Decepticons Illustrations – Transformers

Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well. For this video, I thought it would be fun to draw Decepticons / Transformer Villians. I have always loved the original animated movie and I am thrilled to be showing you all my illustrations of the Deceptions in their original designs while adding my style to the rendering stage.

Transformers Birthday Illustration

So This Illustration is a special episode as its a Birthday Commission and I will be drawing transformers in the video. Grimlock, Optimus Prime, and Bumble Bee are the 3 Autobots of choice and they are great choices. I am a massive fan of the original series and the original Transformers The Movie Animated film. This has inspired me to do more transformer illustrations in the future, I had a lot of fun on this illustration and I am extremely pleased with how this came out.

Ben 10 Illustrations (Part 2)

In the last video, I drew all 10 of the original aliens from the Ben 10 series. This time it’s the aliens suggested by one of the viewers of the channel, Luna Kingrey. I like the characters Luna chose and decided to illustrate them. So I hope you all enjoy my first Viewer Suggested Video.

Ben 10 Illustrations

I decided to draw something I haven't drawn before, So here are some Ben 10 aliens... but not just any aliens the original 10 Aliens from when Ben gets the Omnitrix. I really enjoyed doing these illustrations and I am really pleased how this new style I'm working on has made each of the characters pop a bit more. I'm especially amazed at how Diamond Head, XLR8, Ghost Freak, Upgrade, and Ripjaws came out.

Drift Illustration

I was asked by my youngest to draw Drift from Fortnite, he’s an epic character and I thought it would be fun to do a timelapse illustrating this character. I really enjoyed doing this illustration and I loved how the cartoony comic style came out and contrasted nicely with the background.

Venomizing Pokemon

After having so much fun on my video Venomizing Mystique illustration I decided it would be fun to venomize some pokemon. I really enjoyed thinking about what features to alter in order to change up the character a bit. I also had fun working out the colors to use to make the venomized versions look cool as the pokemon are changing.

Venomizing Mystique

I decided to venomize Mystique for this week’s illustration. I had a lot of fun doing this piece and I chose a pose that I thought would fit the character and show the symbiote epically changing her. In the middle of the process, I thought that this illustration could be interpreted in 2 ways. I’m also trying out a new style at the moment – I am hoping you guys are liking it.

Rogue X-Men Illustration

I decided to draw rogue digitally using procreate. The process can be seen on my YouTube Channel. I enjoyed working on this illustration and I am pleased with how it came out.