Project Type : Personal
Creation Time : 3 hours 56 minutes
Size : A3 - Digital Canvas
Materials : iPad Pro, Procreate, Apple Pencil

Overview :

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything Ben 10 related and after seeing the idea of Ben 10 Aliens as Mech Armour on a video from Popcross Studios where he took some Ben 10 Aliens and turned them in to Mech Armours. (be sure to check it out – Of course i haven’t chosen a Ben 10 Alien that Popcross Studios has done, I chose Swampfire, I thought this Alien would have a cool design and a cool colour set for the illustration. This was a fun illustration although the head was a bit of a challenge and I want to keep the design close to the original design of the character but also add some clear Mecha style traits to it.