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Project Type : Personal
Creation Time : 6 hours 35 minutes
Size : A3 - Digital Canvas
Materials : iPad Pro, Procreate, Apple Pencil

Overview :

Continuing on from the Soundwave VS Venom Story/Lore a few weeks back (link below to the video), I decided to continue the story and at the same time introduce some DC Villains Venomized. This Maximum Venom story takes place on earth while in space Megatron has just captured Venom, and sets the scene for Killer Frost, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to become Venomized. I also wanted to try merging my older style and new style together as well as pushing the limits of my current Illustrative progress and do some poses/designs outside of my normal comfort zone. I hope you all enjoy how Killer Frost, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn turned out venomized.