Blaster Venomized – Transformers Maximum Venom

I’ve not brought the transformers into the Multiverse Story Arc for quite some time now. Let’s correct that by bringing Blaster into the Venomized Crew for the Autobots. The story continues on Earth as the now Venomized Optimus Prime and Hotrod return to the Ark.

Wolverine Anti-Venom

It’s that time again, another Multiverse Story Arc Illustration. This time it’s everyones favourite X-men character with an attitude – Wolverine A.K.A Logan.

I had a lot of fun doing this illustration – I am really pleased with the pose and how the anti-venom style works well on wolverines design. I wanted to keep the background quite simple on this one and have colours that complement the character.

Fantastic 4 Venomized | Maximum Venom

It’s that time again where I take what you guys have voted for and venomized the characters. The votes are in!!! Today we get to bring the Fantastic Four to life in the Multiverse Story Arc as the first team of superheroes to be Venomized.

I had a lot of fun doing this illustration – it took a while to think of how they would fit together in the final version but all in all, I think that this one came out really well. I went back to a bit more of a comic style on this one. I wanted to try pushing that a bit more with so many illustrations but I do intended to bring them to life in a bit more of a detailed style in another video at some point.

CAPTAIN MARVEL | Maximum Venom (Speedpaint & Lore)

As voted for by you guys, the next instalment of the Multiverse Story Arc see’s Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel. And here it is Captain Marvel joining the venomized crew as our Story Continues. I had a lot of fun on this illustration and I am super excited about how it came out. I also spent a bit more time on the background and think it adds to the composition of the final Illustration.

Multiverse Story Arc – Continued
Carol Danvers more commonly known as Captain Marvel, was in space patrolling the galaxies in her sector, ensuring the peace was kept within all the civilizations under her jurisdiction. She was heading towards Salia, a planet on the edge of her sector, she had intercepted a Salian communication that a giant meteor was heading towards the planet and there was no way to stop it.

Captain Marvel knew that if she could get there in time, with her powers she could destroy the meteor or worse case change its path to miss the planet. As she came close to Planet Salia, Captain Marvel spotted the giant meteor and positioned herself between the meteor and Planet Salia.

Gathering as much energy as she can into her photon blasts and shot a powerful beam from her fists at the meteor, the blasts hit with a massive explosion on the meteor’s surface and the meteor started to slowly slow down as the impact area from the photon blasts began to increase in temperature and the surface began to crack and break away…

Loki – God of Mischief | Digital Illustration

With the Loki TV series starting soon, combined with watching the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) again, I couldn’t resist doing a Loki Illustration. I think this Loki – God of Mischief digital illustration.

CAPTAIN MARVEL | Carol Danvers

I have recently been rewatching the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and released that I have not drawn Captain Marvel on the channel, I’ve wanted to but never gotten around to it. I wanted to fix this so here it is, Captain Marvel.

I had to draw Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in a flying pose with some of the photon energy around her. I wanted to give her a strong pose but also a pose that suited the character. I will be adding her to other Multiverse Story Arc on the channel with the symbiotes at a later date.



Continuing on from the Multiverse story that’s been developing on the channel, I decided to take a suggestion from MIHAIL ARTVERSE to illustrate She-Hulk but wouldn’t it be cool if she was brought into the Venomized Multiverse Story Arc that’s developing?

I thought so, and that’s what I’ve done. This story continues on from the Optimus Prime being venomized by a klyntar symbiote and She-Hulk discovering Optimus in the midst of the bonding process while investigating rumours of a strange creature in the desert near Vista Verde.