Venomizing Hotrod | Transformers Maximum Venom

You guys voted for it and here it is…. Hotrod Venomized in another Transformers Maximum Venom video as a part of our Multiverse Story Arc. Hotrod was speeding down the highway coming back from letting loose and racing across the desert. While blitzing down the road he spotted Optimus Prime ahead of him and when he got closer he pulled up along side Optimus but noticed something seemed a bit different. OPTIMUS? Hotrod said in a curious tone. What is it Hotrod? He replied Whats with the new look? Undercover mission ? Want some help taking on some decepticons? Follow me said Optimus The two autobots pull over and transform, Optimus looked normal and went to shake Hotrods hand after saying It’s been an honour to see you become the Autobot you are today Hotrod without a second thought put his arm out to shake Optimus’s while a bit confused and replying Are you ok? … Wait what’s this?? …….


It’s been a little while since I did my Kyoka Jiro My Hero Academia (BHMA) as Pokémon trainers Illustration. This time it’s everyone’s favourite and the main hero in training Izuku Midoriya A.K.A Deku as a fighting Pokémon trainer with Mega Lucario as his Pokémon. I am really pleased with how the colours came out in this illustration and the composition of Izuku Midoriya and Mega Lucario works well, I was going for a teaming up feel and a bond like Ash and Greninja.


I’ve been watching the Invincible series on Amazon prime and could resist creating an illustration of the main character Mark Grayson a.k.a Invincible. I think the character has a nice, clean, and simple design. I couldn’t help but draw Invincible in a flying pose.

I am really pleased with how this Digital Illustration came out. The composition works really well with my art style and I think the background really helps make Invincible’s design and colour scheme pop in this piece. I also had a lot of fun with the lighting on this piece and deciding where the lighting would come from.


With a second Multiverse Story Arc Video in a row, How awesome would it be to introduce Fortnite characters into the Multiverse Story Arc? This time it’s Hush from Fortnite joining the venomized crew or should I say the Anti-Venomized Crew. While traveling along the Battle Royale Island a rift/portal opened and out flew a white and black substance, curiosity gets the best of Hush and she walks over to investigate. The symbiote launches at her creating our first Anti-Venom Symbiote in the Multiverse Story Arc


t’s been a while but we are back on the Multiverse Story Arc, where I take pop culture characters as well as other characters suggested by you guys and bring them together in a massive Multiverse, Venom-verse story. This time Starscream venomized is the illustration in this Maximum Venom speedpaint video with lore. This time continuing where we left Megatron and the Decepticons after they captured Venom. Back on Megatron’s ship, the venom symbiote was in one of Shockwave’s testing chambers that has an energy force field ensuring the symbiote can not escape while the walls emitted a low but steady acoustic pulse at the frequency that will weaken and leave the symbiote in a contained state….

Loki – God of Mischief | Digital Illustration

With the Loki TV series starting soon, combined with watching the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) again, I couldn’t resist doing a Loki Illustration. I think this Loki – God of Mischief digital illustration.

BMHA KYOKA JIRO | Pokemon Trainer

Ever since my Ben 10 Aliens as Pokémon trainers video, I have wanted to do some of the My Hero Academia (BHMA) as Pokémon trainers. Finally, I have started the first in a series of 3 videos on the channel where I will be illustrating BHMA Pokemon Trainers.

First up we have Kyoka Jiro and her quirk Earphone Jack, This is a quirk that utilizes sound so I thought it would be fitting to have Loudred and Whismur as her Pokemon. I had a bit of trouble with the pose as it is an angle I’m not used to drawing a character at but I am really pleased with how the final Illustration came out.

CAPTAIN MARVEL | Carol Danvers

I have recently been rewatching the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and released that I have not drawn Captain Marvel on the channel, I’ve wanted to but never gotten around to it. I wanted to fix this so here it is, Captain Marvel.

I had to draw Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in a flying pose with some of the photon energy around her. I wanted to give her a strong pose but also a pose that suited the character. I will be adding her to other Multiverse Story Arc on the channel with the symbiotes at a later date.



Continuing on from the Multiverse story that’s been developing on the channel, I decided to take a suggestion from MIHAIL ARTVERSE to illustrate She-Hulk but wouldn’t it be cool if she was brought into the Venomized Multiverse Story Arc that’s developing?

I thought so, and that’s what I’ve done. This story continues on from the Optimus Prime being venomized by a klyntar symbiote and She-Hulk discovering Optimus in the midst of the bonding process while investigating rumours of a strange creature in the desert near Vista Verde.


I noticed I haven’t done a Teen Titans illustration in almost a year, I couldn’t resist doing a Starfire Illustration in the new style. I am really pleased with how this speedpaint illustration of drawing Starfire came out.

The last time Starfire was illustrated on the Channel I venomized her but this time I thought it would be good to do a classic illustration of the Teen Titan with a galaxy background. Be sure to let me know if there are any other characters you would like to see illustrated in this style.