OPTIMUS PRIME VENOMIZED | Transformers Maximum Venom

Continuing on from the Multiverse story that’s been developing on the channel, here is the requested Optimus Prime Venomized video. Continuing on Earth while looking for the All Spark, Optimus Prime comes across a Klyntar Symbiote and it informs him about the threat to all life on earth.

This story continues on from the DC Villains Venomized video and sets the first meeting and introduction of Optimus Prime with the Klyntar Species, This happens at the time of Megatron capturing Venom in space at the Decepticon Outpost from the video that launched this story arc – Venom VS Soundwave. I am really enjoying creating this story and developing the designs for how I think they might look.

I have to say I am loving the way my style is progressing and I hope that everyone is enjoying the speedpaint illustrations and lore on the channel.


It’s been about a year since my last Dragonball related Illustration on the channel and I could not resist bringing the only female Saiyan fusions to life. I am a huge fan of the Dragonball series and I have seen all of the movies, tv-series and even the GT storyline. I think Kelfa is universe 6’s version of Gogeta and has the same fun-loving personality as Goku.

I really wanted to push myself with this illustration and I hope I have done the character Justice with my version and you enjoy how the final version turned out. I have to say this is perhaps my favourite illustration on the channel so far this year.

I will be doing more Dragonball and Dragonball Super speedpaint illustrations on the channel bringing more characters to life in my illustration style. Who would you like to see in the next Dragonball Illustration? let me know in the comments below.


Continuing on from the Soundwave VS Venom Story/Lore a few weeks back (link below to the video), I decided to continue the story and at the same time introduce some DC Villains Venomized. This Maximum Venom story takes place on earth while in space Megatron has just captured Venom, and sets the scene for Killer Frost, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to become Venomized. I also wanted to try merging my older style and new style together as well as pushing the limits of my current Illustrative progress and do some poses/designs outside of my normal comfort zone. I hope you all enjoy how Killer Frost, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn turned out venomized.

SOUNDWAVE VS VENOM | Transformers Maximum Venom

What if the Transformer and Venom universe were the same universe? This concept was suggested by one of the viewers of the channel – Gwyneth Cliff – I have to admit I had a bit of trouble figuring the pose/composition of this illustration to keep Venom and Soundwave as the main focus while having Megatron and Shockwave in there as well. All in all, though I am really pleased with how this illustration came out and I hope I have done the concept justice in this Transformers Maximum Venom video. I may revisit this later on down the line and improve/continue the storyline for what happens next leading it on to a new design for Megatron Venomized (I kinda venomized Megatron and Soundwave in another video before I started to do lore/story elements to my speedpaint videos).

Ben 10 Aliens as Pokemon Trainers | POKEMON | BEN 10

A video I have wanted to do for a while is Ben 10 Aliens as Pokemon Trainers. I have picked 3 of the Ben 10 Aliens and turned them into Pokemon trainers. I had a lot of fun doing these illustrations and I’m thinking of making them into posters that can be purchased if people are interested. I hope you all enjoy the process and like how these illustrations came out.